Introducing Mobile 2

Meet the latest in the Derby MRT fleet!

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Back at the beginning of 2018, the trustees decided to start looking for a replacement for our 2003 Land Rover Defender 90. It became clear that replacing 'LR2' would be a tall order, so the team set about reviewing the options, narrowing down a shortlist of three vehicles that met the criteria. We arranged for three vehicles to be loaned to us and had some of our team drivers review and test drive them for a day. Feedback on all three vehicles was very positive, with the final choice being the Ford Ranger XLT 2.2.  

T.C. Harrison Derby were very helpful and we were able to have a test vehicle for a while, which allowed us to do some off-road test drives, with the Ranger performing very well (even on road tyres!).  

Having placed the order, we chose the Motus Group, Mackworth, as the body converter. They added some additional items such as battery protection/guard, engine run on without key, new plug sockets, 12v and USB, all-round lighting outside and inside, all of which help with operational nature of the vehicle. We then added the blues and twos and the Mountain Rescue livery to complete the build.

With the help of T.C. Harrison, Tippers, Co-op (park farm) and local support from other businesses we finally have a vehicle suitable for operation use that will also be more efficient for the team. 'Mobile 2' will comfortably transport five team members, all gear for a Crag Rescue, medical equipment and enough equipment for a hasty search.


Pictured: Nic Berry (Derby MRT), Joe Knott (T.C. Harrison - Derby)

I'm sure you'll agree it looks pretty smart, we'll be giving you an update on how it's first weeks and callouts go. If you see us around give us a wave, or even take a photo and tag our social media accounts!

With thanks to:

T.C. Harrison Derby

Tippers Builders Merchant

Co-Op Park Farm