Cinos Audio Visual Integration donate much needed projector to the team

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The team would like to thank Cinos Audio Visual Integration for the kind donation of a brand new Optoma projector.

One of our members has contact with Cinos through their work at Rolls-Royce, Mountain Rescue came up as a topic of conversation and Cinos offered to provide us with some (much needed) updated hardware. Our press officer popped down to Rolls-Royce during a lunch hour and met up with Chris Wells from Cinos, Team Leader Martin Dodd and Deputy Team Leaders Graeme Poole and Martin Cavill.

Team Leader Martin Dodd said:

"We rely on donations from the public and organisations to keep the team running. As well as the more obvious technical rescue equipment, we also need to maintain training and learning equipment and materials. A donation from an organisation like Cinos helps us to improve the quality of our training, and frees up financial donations for other items”

Nathan Spencer, Cinos Regional Sales Manager added:

"During my time as a Special Constable in Derbyshire Police I worked alongside Derby MRT on many occasions. Their hard work and dedication to their cause is truly inspiring. When we heard the team needed a new projector we didn’t think twice about donating. We hope this helps the team with their training, presentations and raising awareness of this worthy cause."

The projector has been put into service and is a much-welcomed upgrade to our old projector.

Now to replace the laptops...

Pictured (LTR): Graeme Poole, Chris Wells, Martin Dodd, Martin Cavill