2021-51: Dovedale

Double callout at Dovedale

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The team were called out at 2:30pm yesterday (Monday 26th July) by East Midlands Ambulance Service A female had slipped and fallen over near the stepping stones in Dovedale, injuring her ankle and wrist (both suspected fractures). An off duty Community First Responder from Lincoln had initially offered some assistance but unfortunately also slipped injuring her leg and hip. Both casualties were treated by the team and Officialwmas ambulance crews, the various injuries were splinted, and the casualties were carried across the river on team stretchers to the waiting land ambulances. They were both taken to hospital for further treatment. It was a hot day in Dovedale and, as you might expect, quite busy with many people enjoying the views and river etc. Thanks to everyone that gave us some space to work and let the team and ambulance crews jump the queue for the stepping stones!