2021-5-6-7: Snow Patrol

Team called to assist NHS district/community nurses reach patients

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Following the large snow fall across the region Derby Mountain Rescue Team were called out on Sunday evening to assist the District Nurses in Burton with home visits, making the use of our 4x4 vehicles.

This involved ferrying the nurses from their base in Burton Upon Trent to various locations around East Staffordshire.

The team returned to base just after 1am on Monday morning.

The second job came trough just before 7am on Monday morning to assist the District Nursing teams from Tutbury/Drayctt. As with the previous job, the team ensured the nursers were able to reach their vulnerable patients out in the community.

Having swapped our Land Rovers for Ford Rangers, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they would at least be nice and warm in the new vehicles. However, due to covid protocols PPE must be worn in the vehicles and the windows open to keep an airflow.

The vehicles were once again returned to the garage, disinfected and made ready for the next callout


The team were once again called to support community patient home visits this morning (Tuesday 26th Jan), with the vehicles returning to base just after midday.

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