Cromford Mills Abseil 2023

Over £8,000 raised for our Base Fund

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A short video of just a few of our abseilers who together helped raise over £8,000 raised for our new base funds.

A massive thank you to Abbie, Amanda, Archie, Ash, Bee, Benjamin, Bethan, Catherine, Claire L, Claire S, Dan, Elli, Emma, Ethan, Ewen, Frank, Gary, Gayle, Georgina, Gwen, Hannah, Jessica, Kacey, Karen, Katie, Kelly, Kerry, Leanne, Lisa, Liz, Louis, Luke, Mandie, Mark, Matthew, Milly, Ollie, Pippa, Richard, Sally, Sarah F, Sarah P, Shellie, Simon, Teresa, Tina, Tony, Travis, Virgil and Zoe for undertaking the abseil and to everyone who sponsored them who enabled us to raise such a fantastic amount for our new base build.

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