Gill Watson's Panama Challenge

A Journey of Adventure and Support for the Derby Mountain Rescue Team

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In the spirit of adventure and community support, the Derby Mountain Rescue Team is excited to spotlight one of our most daring and inspirational supporters, Gill Watson. As Gill gears up for her 60th birthday, she's not just looking back on a lifetime of extraordinary achievements and adventures; she's setting her sights on a new, thrilling challenge that embodies her spirit of exploration and her commitment to giving back.

The Challenge Ahead

Gill Watson, an adventurer at heart whose accolades include completing the SAS Jungle, representing Great Britain in adventure racing, and undertaking awe-inspiring journeys like the Everest Marathon and crossing the Namib desert, is now embarking on a remarkable new venture. For her 60th year, Gill has set her sights on crossing Panama from coast to coast, navigating through dense jungles on foot and traversing rivers with packrafts. This challenge is not just a test of endurance and resilience; it's a celebration of a milestone and a testament to the human spirit's capacity for adventure.

A Cause Close to Our Hearts

What sets this challenge apart is Gill's decision to support the Derby Mountain Rescue Team through her adventure. A portion of the funds raised from her GoFundMe campaign will be donated to our team, ensuring that we can continue our vital work in the community. The Derby Mountain Rescue Team is an essential service, providing life-saving assistance in times of need, and Gill's contribution will directly enhance our capabilities and resources.

To support Gill, please visit Gill's GoFundMe Campaign.

Together, let's embark on this journey of adventure and support, proving that even the most challenging paths can lead to positive outcomes for our community.

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