Dog Training in the Cairngorms

How Derby Mountain Rescue Team is preparing to support our community

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Last week, two of the Derby Mountain Rescue Team's search dogs, Search Dog Griff and Trainee Search Dog Tali, travelled to the Cairngorms National Park for an intensive week of training with other dogs and handlers from Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England. The focus of the training? Avalanche search and snow burial, skills that are critical in mountain rescue scenarios across the UK.

Although avalanches and snow burial incidents are rare in the Peak District, where the Derby Mountain Rescue Team operates, the ability to effectively search for and rescue people in these conditions is essential for supporting other Mountain Rescue Teams nationwide when qualified. And beyond the practical applications, this type of training is also invaluable for building the dogs' understanding of scent patterns when searching for concealed people.

But the Cairngorms training wasn't just about snow and avalanches. SD Griff and TSD Tali also participated in conventional mountain and woodland searches, building on their existing skills and giving them valuable experience in a new environment. And as if that wasn't enough, the dogs and handlers also had the opportunity to train with the SAR helicopter from Inverness, which our search dogs will use to deploy when working in the larger mountain areas.

All in all, the week of training in the Cairngorms was an essential step in preparing SD Griff and TSD Tali, as well as their handlers, for whatever emergencies they may face in the future. And it's just one example of the ongoing training and development that the Derby Mountain Rescue Team undertakes to ensure that we are ready and able to respond to any call for help.

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