2019 AGM

A brief overview of the 2019 AGM

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Last Wednesday the team held their Annual General Meeting. Along with the "business" side of approving accounts and reports from the previous year etc., one of our doctors and a first aider dealt with two rugby players who had managed to injure each other's heads in a collision on the pitch.

We also presented the following certificates and awards for long service, casualty care... and of course our informal awards for doing or saying the funniest/worst thing since our last general meeting (As usual, I can't mention what these were awarded for!)

Congratulations to everyone on receiving their awards!

The following team representatives were voted in for the next year.

Secretary: Sarah Garner   

Chairman: Julian Walden

Team Leader: Martin Dodd

Treasurer: Joe Tipper

Trustees: David Watson, David King, James Watson and Jon Sabine.