2023-60: Pym Chair

Right place, right time as team members stumble upon casualty location

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CALLOUT: While supporting the Kinder Challenge and Extreme events on Sunday one of our hill sections was completing a navigation route near Pym Chair when they were approached by a member of the public. Not realising the section were mountain rescue, he asked if anyone in the group had medical training. The gentlemen continued to inform us that his friend had fallen badly, injuring his shoulder; and that he had called Mountain Rescue.

The team followed the man to the casualty location, and radio'd back to base who confirmed Kinder Mountain Rescue Team had been tasked with the incident. The casualty, a seventy-one-year-old male, was treated on scene by the team for a suspected fracture/dislocation to the right shoulder. Due to his age, location and injury, and knowing that HMCG Rescue 912 was in the area, we requested via Kinder team a helicopter evacuation.

We were joined on site by Kinder Team and Edale Mountain Rescue Team (who had been training with the helicopter). The gentlemen was carried on a mountain rescue stretcher to the aircraft and transported down to Edale's base for further transport by Land Ambulance and treatment at hospital. The casualty's friend was walked off the hill by Kinder team.

A fantastic example of multi-team working in the Peak District and how our volunteers support their community. 

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