2023-27: A515 RTC

Team responded to Road Traffic Collision on A515 while training nearby

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INCIDENT: Just as the team were starting training near Biggin today, a passer by stopped to see if we were aware of a Road Traffic Collision further up the road. We dispatched a team vehicle to investigate and found a two car RTC further up the A515.

As other emergency services were not yet on scene, we triaged the five casualties including two children. The driver of one of the vehicles required urgent medical care which was provided on scene by team members, he was handed over to East Midlands Ambulance Service for transfer to the Royal Derby Hospital.

Best wishes for a speedy recover to all the casualties and a big thank you to the couple who stopped to inform us of the incident as well as the lady who had already stopped and assisted the team. The team members returned to our training day.

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