2023-11-12: Snow

Stranded motorists and an RTC keep the team busy in the snow throughout the night

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The team were called out just after midnight last night along with Buxton Mountain Rescue Team to assist Derbyshire Police with stranded motorists in the snow.

Our initial job was to locate a stranded motorist and her three children... on the way the team came across various stranded motorists requiring assistance, some who required some transport, one had been in an RTC and required assistance from the Police.

The final part of the journey to reach the motorist and her children was undertaken on foot as the roads were impassable, the family were located and walked out by team members to our vehicles. A big thank you to the local farmer who helped get their vehicle off the main road.

Team members returned home this afternoon after a very long, cold, blustery night serving our community.

The team (like all mountain rescue teams in England and Wales) are made up entirely of unpaid volunteers, we rely on donations from local businesses and the general public to fund our operations.

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