2021-58: Snake Pass

Right place, right time

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Right place, right time. Saturday Aug 14th two of our volunteers were up near the #SnakePass cheering on Anna Troup in her #PennineWay attempt to beat her ladies' summer Spine record time of 80 hours 28 minutes and Sabrina Verjee's Fastest Known Time of 74 hours 28 minutes. Whilst waiting, a serious motorbike collision hapened around 100m down the road. Our team members' training kicked in and they triaged the casualties and supported the ambulance and Northwest Air Ambulance crews, along with a passing member of Glossop Mountain Rescue Team who also stopped to assist. Both motorcyclists had multiple broken bones and were airlifted to hospital for further treatment. #SoMuchMoreThanMountains #Volunteers #NeverOffDuty