2021-34: The Nabs

Cragfast walkers call for Mountain Rescue

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The team were called out just before 7pm on Saturday 12th June by Staffordshire Police after they received a call for help from two lost walkers.

A couple were returning to Dovedale from their day out, having walked along the river path to Milldale they took the steep climb up to the top of the hill and were walking back across the top to Dovedale. Unfortunately they found themselves descending back to the river path and ending up stuck/crag-fast on a steep slope with lots of scree. Their reported location was near Dove Holes / The Nabs which was subsequently confirmed with the lost walkers using Sarloc Rescue.

They were soon located by the team, and assisted in climbing back up the scree with harnesses and rope. Both were uninjured and were taken back to their car at the main car park. All team members and the missing walkers were off the hill at around 9:30pm.

The vehicles were returned to base, kit cleaned/decontaminated and made ready for our next callout.