2021-10: Raynard's Cave

Mountain Rescue, Air Ambulance and Paramedics called to 36 year at Raynard's cave

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After a rare lull in callouts of almost two whole months the team were called out to Raynard's Cave, Dovedale where a 36-year-old female was reported to have sustained an ankle injury on a steep scree slope.

A small number of team members were already at the garage undertaking some training activities and immediately dispatched two of our vehicles, they were able to drive down the river side and ford the river only a metres from the casualty site. We were joined by the DLRAA Helimed54 AirAmbulance Crew and EMAS Paramedics. The casualty was given pain relief by the team, her lower leg was splinted and she was transported back to the road head to be transferred to a Land Ambulance. She was taken to hospital by the EMAS crew for further treatment.