2019-39: Thorpe Cloud

Male in early 40s suffering chest pains on Thorpe Cloud

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CALLOUT: After a busy few days at Dovedale over the Bank Holiday weekend we returned there today having been called out by East Midlands Ambulance Service to a male on a day trip with Friends from London had fallen on the path leading up Thorpe Cloud and injured his leg. As it turned out the male, in his early 40s had no leg injuries, however, he was short of breath and suffering chest pains. He was treated by the team and stretchered down to the path where he was transported in a team vehicle to the main road and handed over to the care of EMAS. The male was taken to the Royal Derby Hospital for further assessment and treatment.
In the photo the casualty and one of his friends are wearing Team jackets, despite the warm weather they were cold from sitting still.