2019-38: Dovedale

Walker with injured leg at Dovedale Stepping Stones

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Having just returned from fundraising at Dovedale, the team were called back to the Stepping Stones by East Midlands Ambulance Service to attend a walker with an injured leg.

The lady had attempted to walk out from the Stepping stones but only made it a short way before the first team member was on the scene. After an assessment, she was driven back to her family car at the car park and directed to the Royal Derby Hospital for further treatment.

Whilst on scene we were approached for advice by Parents of a young male with a head injury. The boy had fallen whilst on a family day out but after a review by one of the team Paramedics he was deemed to have no serious injuries and was able to return home.

The team were stood down, and the vehicles were returned to base again... hopefully for the final time today!