2019-37: Thorpe Cloud

Dovedale Fundraising Day

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The Team had a very busy day at Dovedale on Sunday 25th August whilst fundraising and raising awareness of Mountain Rescue in the Peak District.

The first incident of the day was reported by the National Trust Warden who had found a Sheep stuck on a ledge, fortunately, the sheep managed to be 'talked off' the ledge and c-lamb-ered down on its own.

A little later a young male became crag-fast above the scree slope on the side of Thorpe Cloud and was helped down with a 'short-rope'.

Incident 36: A lady on Thorpe Cloud had slipped and injured her lower leg, and was unable to walk on it. Her leg was splinted and she was stretchered off the hill with a protected rope lower. On a busy bank holiday weekend, an ambulance would have taken some time, the lady and her family decided to attend hospital under their own steam - freeing up the Ambulance for other jobs.

There were several other small incidents throughout the day.

The team stood down and returned the vehicles to the garage, just as they were leaving we were called for Callout 36 to...yes, you guessed it... Thorpe Cloud!