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2019-45: Thorpe Cloud

14 year old assisted of Thorpe Cloud

2019-41: Lover's Leap

Members of the Public dial 999 after finding an 80-year-old male with chest pains

2019-39: Thorpe Cloud

Male in early 40s suffering chest pains on Thorpe Cloud

2019-38: Dovedale

Walker with injured leg at Dovedale Stepping Stones

2019-37: Thorpe Cloud

Dovedale Fundraising Day

2019-36: Dovedale

Team called to Dovedale to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service

2019-34: Riber, Matlock

Team called to 30-year-old female fallen from horse

2019-33: Thorpe Cloud

Female walker rescued after breaking ankle at Thorpe Cloud

2019-32: Whaley Bridge

All PDMRO teams return to evacuate residents

2019-31: Whaley Bridge

PDMRO called to assist in evacuation of Whaley Bridge

2019-26: Grindon

Team called to 15 year old male with lower leg injury

2019-25: Missing person search

Body found in search for missing 64-year-old man

2019-24: Church Gresley

Derby Mountain Rescue Team called to search for missing 69-year-old male

2019-23: Shining Bank Quarry

An afternoon #Callout to an unconscious casualty

2019-22: Thorpe Cloud

Team called to fallen walker on Thorpe Cloud

2019-21: Lea Bridge

Missing Person Search

2019-19: Hartington

Called by Derbyshire Police to search for a missing person

2019-18: Dovedale

Called to casualty at Dovedale

2019-15-16-17: Easter

A busy weekend for the team

2019-12-13-14: 4 Inns

Derby Mountain Rescue Team attend three incidents over the weekend

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