Derby Mountain Rescue Team - Base

Derby Mountain Rescue Team have managed find a location for their new headquarters, 10 years after first deciding they needed to have their own purpose built building. 

The total project cost is estimated at £1,000,000 and the team have been supported by many professionals during the course of the project so far.   Many of these have offered their service for free to support the team and the team were advised to turn to crowd-funding as a way of raising the required funding in the timescales.

The team currently rent a garage from Severn Trent Water, which houses the team vehicles and equipment but has no space for meetings or training. Such training is held in other locations which sometimes have to be rented for the purpose.

Derby Mountain Rescue Team is a charitable company (1089237) limited by guarantee.
Registered in England & Wales No 4229996.

Registered Office: Derby Mountain Rescue Team, Ashbourne Road,
Mackworth, Derby, DE22 4NB
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