Mountain Resc-ewe

The team ended up carrying out an unexpected rescue whilst training on Sunday (3rd February), when they became aware of a sheep in distress nearby.

The team’s trainee members were taking part in a training session in crag and rope rescue techniques at Gardom’s Edge, near Baslow, when the sheep was spotted stranded on a tiny ledge below the rock face where one group were conducting their training.

It became clear that the sheep was unable to climb back up from it’s present location and the ledge was around 30 feet high, so it was also unable to jump down.

A rope rescue system was set up and a team member was lowered on a ledge adjacent to the worried animal so as not to startle it too much and risk it jumping from the ledge.  The team member was then able to jump over to the sheep’s ledge  and grab the it before it had time to bolt. It was found that the animal was emaciated and all the vegetation on the small ledge had been completely eaten away, indicating that it had been trapped there for some considerable time. 

The rescuer then climbed to the top of the crag, hauling the sheep up with him until he was able to release his grateful casualty to freedom, whereupon it wandered off to find food, looking somewhat sheepish!

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