2018 General Meeting

Just before Christmas, the team held our General Meeting. We were joined for the first part of the evening by the Berry family, who came to present a cheque to the team on behalf of John Berry who sadly passed away at the end of October. John had bequeathed £1000 to the team, which was donated on his behalf by his sons Nic and Clive "Civv", asking that the money is used for the fabric of Derby Mountain Rescue Team's new base which is being built on the outskirts of Mackworth, Derby. After the meeting, Nic told me that both his parents (John and Audrey) had loved the outdoors so much, with their little campervan ensuring they got everywhere and anywhere. He said: "With my involvement in Mountain Rescue, Mum and Dad provided a lot of backroom support, looking after the family & supporting them and the team, Dad had wanted to ensure we carry on with the building of the new base as he was always asking what's happening and how is fundraising doing." 

The team is very grateful for this donation which certainly helps to move the building project forward, thanks to Nic, Civv and the family for coming along to meet us.

The rest of the evening covered a review of the year, and a look forward to what is happening in 2019, we also got to give out some awards: Dean Smith, Michael Dalton, and Mark Young all got their Fall Protection Equipment Inspector certificates. Kevin Corcoran and Chris Bagworth received their 10 years service awards, Richard Warriner and Vicki Green received their 15 years service awards, Nic Berry received his 30 years service award and Jonty Roe received his 45 years Service award!

The Briggs' Boot award, awarded to the team member who made the most amusing faux pas, returned home to its rightful place with Kevin Corcoran. The Radio Rhubarb, awarded for a communication 'mishap', went to Jon Sabine. 

It's been a busy year, but as we head into 2019, we'd like to thank you all for your support and wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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